May 16, 2022

BOOK TRAILER REVEAL + GUEST POST: The Palace of Stars by Karina McRoberts


Hi friends! I'm very excited to be hosting part of the trailer reveal for The Palace of Stars by Karina McRoberts. It's an indie historical fiction/time travel romance story, and the first book in the Love, Magic, and Mystery series. Check out the video below (if there are any issues, the link to see the trailer on YouTube is here). You can also check out the guest post Karina wrote as well that describes the importance of music in her writing!

You can check out my interview with the author here.

About the Book

Michael Harker, rookie ex-cop, has been badly beaten but is determined to re-invent himself. While convalescing with quirky bookshop owner Mari Linden, an earthquake opens a time portal and Mike finds himself over a hundred years in the past. Mike battles with strange shifts in consciousness, sleepwalking, restrictive dress standards, and the strict morals of the time. He befriends JT Gordon, the magnanimous impresario of The Palace of the Stars, a grand musical hall theatre and it is here he meets and falls for a beautiful dancer and stage magician, Mae Belle.

Mae has a strange bond with her on-stage magic partner, the mysterious Chan Li. Her off-stage lover? Mikes doesn’t quite believe Mae’s denials and it’s eating him alive. The question of should he stay or go haunts him. Can he go back? Can he take Mae with him, even if he can convince her he's not a nut case and truly from the future?

Before Mike can sort out this dilemma, Mae begs him to solve a series of gruesome murders. Mike joins with his friends from the Palace to ensnare the murderer but realises too late justice has slipped through his fingers. He must make a choice, a horrific choice, and the end result could be his life, especially if the portal closes. Will Mike choose a life with Mae, no matter the century?

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Something magical...

Music is very important to my writing.  And, it’s important in this novel. JT Gordon, charming impresario of The Palace of the Stars, is a music tragic.  Just like me.  He strives to create peace through music. 

While some music is written down, the documents of course can be lost or destroyed.

Much music is not written down.  It exists in the minds and hearts of musicians.  Music from Romany and other Eastern European musicians disappeared when the Nazis destroyed the musicians.

I wonder what music is being lost in the current Russian assault on Ukraine. Fortunately, these days we have recording technology.  

On a lighter note, I was watching an old Daffy Duck cartoon.  He sings even worse than he speaks, but I heard him singing in the shower, and got enough out of it to track down the tune. Number 5 on the 1928 hit parade.  I will continue to research.

Music can turn up in the most unexpected places!  And, it is pure magic.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful music on this trailer video. Thanks to Rebecca Stein, violin and Todd Nolde, piano.  They have their own stories to tell.  And of course, Sergei, the composer.  And of course, thanks to Sally of Sally’s Speaking for putting it all together!

  As Sally says, “Whatever you’re doing today, make it count.”  And, as J T Gordon says in the novel, “Don’t measure your time in minutes, treasure your time in moments.”

Thank you for sharing the magic of The Palace of the Stars.

About the Author

I love to create, and my hope is that everything I create brings joy to others.  I am truly fortunate to live in a magical place that inspires and enlightens me; part of my work is to make sure I return the favour.  Do we not truly need joy, inspiration and enlightenment; now more than ever?

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