February 23, 2022

Interview with Karina McRoberts, author of the A Treasury of Feel Good Stories series


Hi friends! I'm so pleased to be presenting another author interview on my blog today. Today's featured author is Karina McRoberts, the author of the "A Treasury of Feel Good Stories". Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, Karina!

Interview with the Author

If you could tell your younger writing self one thing, what would it be and why?
    Not everyone appreciates semi-colons.  Sadly.

Aside from writing, what is one thing you do for fun?

    Play music. From around the world and throughout time.   Love it!  Music is Magic!

What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

    Enjoyment, inspiration, discovery, enlightenment, hope, laughter, bonding through reading, and escape from everyday stress and mundanity.   That’s a big list.  Let me explain:

In the Treasury of Feel-Good Stories series, I’m writing about the disconnect between humanity and nature, and ways in which that problem might be addressed. Because it absolutely must be! You can’t save it if you don’t love it, and you can’t love it if you don’t know it.

But my writing is certainly not all doom-and-gloom.  Quite the contrary.   I’m addressing serious issues while also providing enjoyment – explore, laugh, share some genuine warmth, have fun!  Quoting Jane Goodall, “If you can get into the heart with a story, you may not know it at the time, but people will go on thinking.”  This is what I want to achieve – to touch readers’ hearts.

Also, these stories are about personal redemption. So very, very important in this increasingly crowded and competitive world. I wonder how many fell through the cracks-of-no-return just today…

There are plenty of people who don’t fit into everyday society. So many have suffered as a result, and of course still do. I wanted to say that, no matter how hard things get, be exactly who you are. 

And please BE. Don’t give up. Things will turn around. Hang in there. There may be 7.5 billion people and counting in this world, and the pressure to conform to the idealised ‘thing’ is greater than ever, but we need YOU! As character Samara Jones learns in The Girl with Ten Diamonds, “You can’t clone a soul”.

And, as character Dargo discovers, he begins by lifting spirits, and that includes his own.

What sources of inspiration did you draw upon when creating A Treasury of Feel Good Stories series?

    Different sources for the individual books:

Dargo - Eco Hero, Book One

This is a book mainly for younger adults - sort of an adult fairy tale, but it can be read to children of about 9 and over.

Inspiration came from many sources. Part from a dream (the character’s first name and the bone thing). Part from my childhood adoration of my older brother. Part from a recent visit to Northern California, where I was shocked by mile after mile of freeway with memorials to fallen highway patrol officers, many with Hispanic names (hence Fernandez). Part from my own experience of being bullied in the workplace. Part from my ongoing love affair with music. Part from my life-long love of nature. Part by the First Nations American elder who saved his people from annihilation due to his translatory skills and eloquence of speech. Part from the ordinary cold-war Russian soldier who did NOT hit the red button to signal incoming nuclear attack (otherwise, we would not be having this conversation, I suspect). All this reminded me of what just one person can do, even though they may feel at the end of their tether.

UĊ•samer, Book Two.  

A story for children 8 years and over.

The melting of the polar ice caps is perhaps the strongest recognizable signal that the Earth is in big trouble.

Realising that Arctic means bears, and Antarctic means no bears.  I thought the sound of Ursa (which also means bear) and mer (the sea) would make a good name for a character to bring this important message to the rest of the world. 

Charlie’s Ark, Book 3  

 This picture book (in the audio version you hear the animal sounds) is for young children so they can learn about wildlife and their troubles very early on.  Gotta start young!

Charlie’s story is based on something called Acquired Savant Syndrome, which, according to the source you’re listening to, either exists or doesn’t.  It does exist, but perhaps the cause is what’s debatable.  That doesn’t matter, it makes a great basis for a heart-warming story. 

The Girl With Ten Diamonds, Book 4

This one’s mainly for young adults facing hard times.  But really, for anyone who’s feeling a bit lost.

What it’s like to struggle if f you haven’t got a good foundation. My personal experience.   I wanted to say, ‘Never give up, there is always a way’.  Through the book’s kooky characters, Samara learns how to re-navigate her life path.   Although fiction, there are some great “bounce back” strategies here.  Plus, our population is soaring, and this means, to my mind, less chance for each individual to become a real person, wholly fulfilled.  The photo of the chromosomes spoke to me, “Is this really all that we are?”  Of course not!

A Man for All Seasons, Book 5 

This book is ideally (but not solely) for older adults.   

Those great old films of Frankenstein and Dracula, based on the classic stories of Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker.    And good old Igor, of course.  I thought these would provide a funny setting and characters – all the books in this series are “feel-good”, so even though they deal with tough issues, they contain warm, loveable characters, hope, and humour. 

I wanted to include the fact that older people have not simply ‘ruined the environment” for younger folks.  This just isn’t true. What about Jane Goodall, Dianne Fossey, Birute Galdikis, Rachel Carlson, Sylvia Earle, David Attenborough, David Suzuki, Paul Watson (the founder of Sea Shepherd), Phil Cotes, Dorothy Stowe, Irving Stowe, and Jim Bohlen (the founders of Greenpeace)?   What about those who died on the Rainbow Warrior?

There are plenty of older conservationists, not so famous  ̶  a lot of oldies stood in front of bulldozers when they were younger.  Chained themselves to trees, made human barricades to block developers.  Many still do.    Apart from getting huge laughs from the antics of Vidor and Clarissa, who are in no way ready to check out of the scene, I hope that A Man for All Seasons can serve as a bridge between generations.  Earth Care can be a family affair!

How did your find yourself involved with the field of conservation and environmental issues?

    I came across a mass extinction event, if you like – a massive die-off of birds. Several die-offs.  Along with an oil spill at the same time.  Sort of like a whale stranding  ̶̶  hard work clearing the dead, saving those that could be saved.  This made me very angry, so I decided to educate myself as a conservation biologist.  Through my work, I’ve discovered that most environmental disasters occur because WE mess up nature. 

 We are not apart from Nature, we are a part of Nature, and she sure is telling us that now.  Please, please, please, everybody LISTEN!

If readers enjoy your books, what other books would you recommend they read?

    Well, of course my other books.  My epic fantasy trilogy: Real Magic – Courage, Cunning, and Craft (Galla of Chelandra – Healer Mage, Master of the World – Love and Courage, and Juggernaut – Evil and Justice). 

 My historical fiction series:  Love, Magic, and Mystery (The Palace of the Stars, The Mine’s Eye, and The Light). 

 I also write non-fiction:  Welcome to My Sketchbook, How to Create an Illustrated Travel Diary, Wild at Art, A Beginner’s Guide to Drawing and Painting Wildlife, and The Haunting of York, a Ghostly Anthology .

By other authors, I’m an eclectic reader. I can easily recommend Janet Evanovich, Karen Harper, Lisa Goldstein, CJ Samson, and Daphne DuMaurier.

What does your writing space look like? Do you have any snacks or candles you like to have on hand while you are working?

    I write in bed, where I read.  Because this is the best position for me not to get a neck ache.   It happens from 7 – 9 each night, usually.  My most creative time.

Beside me, I have a lovely soft light, and reminders of each of the genres or areas I’ve written in, so far…A dragon, an old-fashioned timepiece, some silver otters, a Tuareg decoration, given to me by a writing friend who loves that culture, a dragon-engraved pen, a steam-punk octopus, and a little shrine that says, “Once Upon a Time”.    I also have my treasured book of favorite reviews and letters I have received from readers. After all, for me, giving to readers is what it’s all about.

What upcoming releases are you looking forward to reading?

  • Diablo Mesa by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
  • A Voice for Rebeka by Elizabeth J. Dennis
  • Muster Dogs by Aticia Gray
What projects are you currently working on?

‘A Novel At Ninety’ – Many older people write their memoirs, few write novels.  Margaret is writing a novel.   I’m helping her.  She started with no knowledge of computers and possessing only rudimentary English skills.  She is going on ninety-two now, but she’s definitely going to do it!  Almost there!  I can’t wait!

‘A Night at the Palace of the Stars’ – designing this theatre adaptation of one of my novels, The Palace of the Stars, the first book in my Love, Magic, and Mystery series.  We have been repeatedly stalled by Covid, but maybe one day we’ll be able to put the show on again.  Enjoy a few performances, Have a look here:  


The audio of A Man for all Seasons (Treasury of Feel-Good Stories, Book 5) – trying to find a narrator for this challenging recording.  The characters are way out there!  Great fun!

Caroline – my first cozy (maybe not-so-cozy) mystery/romance/adventure novel, set in India during the time of the British Raj.

Working on the final edits on my new books:

Kahnilla the Dragon, a Story of Darkness and Light 


Creating habitat for wildlife – see the photo of endangered plant, Eucalyptus synandra and also our latest guest, a real-life Earth dragon (she’s about 7 ft from head-to-tail).

About the Books

Book 1 through 4 are available in Audio

*Please note - the books are available in all formats, including large print in most stores (online and in-store)

Find a copy of the book using this link


A lonely young man suffers a massive defeat. When all is lost, he meets a fiery fortune-teller who pleads with him to save her.

Can he re-invent himself as a hero?
A light-hearted but poignant little story, Dargo is humorous and heart-warming; a fairy-tale for adults.

You can also read this to your children who care about Earth. And, if they don't, Dargo will help them to do so!

An enjoyable timely tale that will appeal to the magic in all of us.

Find your copy of Ursamer using this link

Who is this intriguing little girl and her amazing puppy? Where has she come from? What is her story? She has something very important to say, but no one is listening! A sweet, poignant tale about climate change, Ursamer is ideal for children ages 8 and older.

Get your copy of The Girl with Ten Diamonds here

Sweet and Savvy!

Another brick in the wall? Not bloody likely!

Rebel student Samara Jones is one very lost young woman, until she happens upon a flock of silvery geese, their goofy shepherd, and his whacko pals.

Can they really help her turn her life around, or will Samara tank totally? The answer will surprise you.

Find your copy of Charlie's Ark using this link


A young boy called Charlie got hurt; he went to sleep for a very long time. When he finally woke up, something miraculous happened!

Find out how animals saved a little boy and how Charlie worked to save the animals. Charlie's Ark is a heart-warming story for young children and their families. 

Use this link to find yourself a copy of A Man for All Seasons!

Living on in his master's castle, an ageing Vidor finds it falling down around him, but continues his nightly assignations and experiments.

Added to this is an ever-increasing stream of animal refugees. With no idea how to feed them all, he decides to go into business to make ends meet.

Helped by his wise-talking raven Alban, Vidor must thwart a greedy development company from destroying the animals' home. But is he already out of time?

Part tender romance, part cheeky comedy, A Man For All Seasons brings feel-good in spades, shines a light on life and death with dignity, and pays heart-lifting tribute to all eco warriors, wherever they may stand.

About the Author

I love to create, and my hope is that everything I create brings joy to others.  I am truly fortunate to live in a magical place that inspires and enlightens me; part of my work is to make sure I return the favour.  Do we not truly need joy, inspiration and enlightenment; now more than ever?

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