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When I'm not busy working in a chemistry lab, I'm usually dreaming of heroes who slew ancient greek monsters of myth and legend. I'm also a not-so-closeted Hallmark addict. I decided to turn my reading habit into actual production, so I started my review blog, my bookstagram, and my book twitter.  

These days you'll find me reading stories mostly in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, between the middle-grade and mature reader age levels. I also occasionally read contemporary romance books. While these are the genres I tend to drift to, I'm open to giving most books a chance. 

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How I rate books...

To give you a general idea of what each rating means, here is a loose outline of my scoring guide. 

5 STARS ★★★★★ - I adored it! Even if I received an early review copy, I'm likely to purchase a finished copy of the book as soon as it is available. It was, or was close to, perfection in my opinion.
4 STARS ★★★★ - Still really enjoyed the book - something held me back from giving it the full rating however.

3 STARS ★★★ - I liked it overall. There may have been some parts that didn't work for me, but there were no issues with finishing it. I am likely to give other books by this author a chance and would recommend them to specific people (unlikely to be broadly recommended). 
2 STARS ★★ - I didn't like it. There was some disconnect for me while reading the book (I didn't like the characters, parts were not realistic, or other problems with the story). I also give this rating when I feel the book showed promise but needed more editing. Books that are not in the genre I typically enjoy may fall under this score rating.

1 STAR ★ - I was unable to finish the book and will likely not read anything else this particular author writes. 

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