September 24, 2021

Pack of Lies (Shadow Guild - Wolf Queen Book 3) by Linsey Hall


Pack of Lies (Shadow Guild - Wolf Queen Book 3) by Linsey Hall
Rating: 3 Stars
Release Date: April 5, 2021
Format: eBook (Kindle Unlimited)
Publisher: Bonnie Doon Press

In Pack of Lies by Linsey Hall (the third book in the Shadow Guild - Wolf Queen series), Eve and Lachlan continue to forge full steam ahead with trying to find out more about what’s going on without allowing Lachlan to succumb to the curse (due to the mate bond and feelings between them). 

By the end of this book, we still only know bits and pieces of the Maker’s plan. It’s a little frustrating to be this far into the series and not have a better idea of why the Maker is putting these plans into action. I’m disappointed in how the final confrontation between Eve and Lachlan and the Maker turned out in this book, as there could have been so much more done with it. It felt less like a full confrontation or battle, and more like a setup for a big confrontation two books from now. 

I’m thrilled that we got to learn more about Eve’s parents in this book and finally figure out what Eve is. Ralph, Eve’s chocolate-addicted raccoon familiar is of course hilarious as ever and continues to be one of my favorite parts of this series. Lachlan, on the other hand, is still as frustrating and stubborn, and the fact that he’s constantly going back and forth on his feeling is irksome. One of the main reasons I’ve continued reading this series is just to see Eve and Lachlan finally get together. Alas, I guess I will have to wait for more Eve and Lachlan content and to figure out more about the Maker’s plan until I read the final two books, Rising Moon and Wolf Queen

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