February 9, 2022

The Blazing Bridge (The Blood Guard #3) by Carter Roy

The Blazing Bridge (The Blood Guard #3) by Carter Roy
Rating: 4 Stars
Release Date: February 21, 2017
Format: Audiobook (Kindle Unlimited)
Publisher: Two Lions (eBook) + Brilliance Audio (Audiobook) 

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The Blazing Bridge by Carter Roy is the final installment in The Blood Guard series, and it’s just as action-packed and heart-pounding as the first two installments. Ronan and the rest of the Blood Guard must save Greta, Ronan’s best friend who is also one of the protected “Pure”, from his father and the other Bend Sinister members. The inevitable confrontation has finally come, and it packed a punch. I read all the books in The Blood Guard series in the course of a week or so, and I think that helped so I didn’t forget anything and stayed connected to the characters. Simply put, all three books in the series are entertaining middle-grade to young adult reads I would happily recommend to young fantasy readers. 

Holy wow, I was not expecting some of the twists and turns the author threw in. For example, pay attention to the cat. That’s all I’m saying to avoid spoilers, but the cat is definitely involved in one of the most mind-bending plot twists of the series. The ending of the book was unexpected, but I like how the author closed out the series. For some books, I want to stay in the world and keep up with what the characters are doing. In the Blood Guard series, I don’t think additional books or short stories would be necessary. This series would be a good choice for middle-grade readers who aren’t die-hard readers or don’t have the attention span to commit to a longer book. As of the time I wrote this review, the series is available to read for free for Kindle Unlimited members - I really enjoyed reading the ebook while listening to Nick Podehl’s narration. His performance was one of my favorite middle-grade fantasy narrations this year - my favorite voice is definitely Jack (he’s my favorite character too!)

About the Author

Carter Roy has painted houses and worked on construction sites; waited tables and driven delivery trucks; been a stage hand for rock bands and a videographer on a cruise ship; worked as a line cook in a kitchen, a projectionist in a movie theater, and a rhetoric teacher at a university. He has been a reference librarian and a bookseller, edited hundreds of books for major publishers, and written award-winning short-stories for adult readers that appeared in a half-dozen journals and anthologies.
He is the author of The Blood Guard and its sequel, The Glass Gauntlet. He lives in New York City.

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