January 21, 2022

The Glass Gauntlet (The Blood Guard #2) by Carter Roy

The Glass Gauntlet (The Blood Guard #2) by Carter Roy
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Release Date: August 18, 2015
Format: eBook + Audiobook (Kindle Unlimited)
Publisher: Two Lions (eBook) + Brilliance Audio (Audiobook)

The Glass Gauntlet by Carter Roy is the sequel to The Blood Guard and it’s just as zany and action-packed. It picks up where the first book left off (plus a couple of weeks or so), and it does take longer for the action to pick up. However, once the action does pick it up it’s well worth it and quite exciting. 

While this book is most commonly compared to Percy Jackson, I also got some vibes that reminded me of The Hunger Games or Indiana Jones. There’s the competition aspect (in which the kids are in way over their head) that reminds me of The Hunger Games. The hunt for lost artifacts and the secret society reminded me of Indiana Jones. I especially enjoyed learning about the Glass Gauntlet (both the competition and the item), and it’s cool how the author built on the history of the Blood Guard that they introduced in the first book. 

The characters and their relationships were a highlight of this book (and the series overall).  Jack Dawkins is definitely the comedic relief in the group. I enjoyed the narrator’s performance of his character. This book goes into his backstory a bit more, and I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about how he became the person we see in the books. The growth of the friendship between the trio was a key point in the book’s storyline. I’m really fond of their dynamic. Despite enjoying romance in the books I read that are aimed at older audiences, I’m quite happy that there is seemingly no budding romance in this book. It isn’t necessary at this level, and sometimes it is nice to just have the main characters be best friends. 

Altogether, The Glass Gauntlet is an entertaining adventure-filled fantasy read. It doesn’t have quite as much wow factor as the first book, but I would still happily recommend it to those who enjoy books like Percy Jackson.

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About the Author

Carter Roy has painted houses and worked on construction sites; waited tables and driven delivery trucks; been a stage hand for rock bands and a videographer on a cruise ship; worked as a line cook in a kitchen, a projectionist in a movie theater, and a rhetoric teacher at a university. He has been a reference librarian and a bookseller, edited hundreds of books for major publishers, and written award-winning short-stories for adult readers that appeared in a half-dozen journals and anthologies.
He is the author of The Blood Guard and its sequel, The Glass Gauntlet. He lives in New York City.

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