December 21, 2021

Heart of the Pack (Alice Worth #8) by Lisa Edmonds

Heart of the Pack (Alice Worth #8) by Lisa Edmonds
Rating: 5 Stars
Release Date: December 7, 2021
Format: eBook (Kindle Unlimited)
Publisher: City Owl Press

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Lisa Edmonds spoiled her readers by releasing two installments to the Alice Worth series within a week of each other. After reading both (and giving each a 5-star rating), the wait for the next book (and the upcoming Trent Lake spin-off series) is going to be agonizing. 

The pacing of the book was, as always, amazing. There was never a dull moment or a time where too much was being crammed into a small section. Another highlight of the Alice Worth series for me has always been the characters, and the author did not disappoint in that regard. I loved how Alice’s place in the pack and at Sean’s side was really explored in this book. Alice also develops her relationship with her long-lost father Daniel, which was long overdue in my opinion and so sweet to see. They both have unresolved trauma from the past that they were able to work through together. Ms. Edmonds has done a great job connecting readers to her characters and getting them invested. At this point, I’m committed to seeing the series through to the end no matter what. All my fingers and toes are crossed in the hopes that Alice will finally get the happily ever after ending she so deserves. No spoilers, but things seem to be moving in the right direction to make a happily ever after ending a not so impossible option for Alice and Sean in the future. 

A lot happened in Heart of Lies, but even more happens in Heart of the Pack. The two books seemed to compliment each other, as Heart of Lies felt darker where Heart of the Pack was more humorous and light-hearted. Despite this being a shorter book (281 pages versus Heart of Lies’ 618), I would not recommend skipping it. The events of this book seem like they will play a pivotal role in the ones to follow. 

Overall, I highly recommend this book (and series) to anyone who loves urban fantasy and paranormal romance. You won’t be disappointed! Heart of the Pack was my favorite book in the series so far. I’m eagerly awaiting news of when Alice Book 9 and the Trent Lake spin-off will be released. 

About the Author:

Lisa Edmonds was born and raised in Kansas. A graduate of Buhler High School, she studied English and forensic criminology at Wichita State University. After acquiring her Bachelor’s degree, she considered a career in law enforcement as a behavioral analyst before earning a Master's from Wichita State and then a Ph.D. in English from Texas A&M University.

She is currently an associate professor of English at a college in Texas, where she teaches a variety of writing and literature courses.

When not in the classroom, she shares a quiet country home with her husband Bill D’Amico and their cats, and enjoys writing, reading, traveling, spoiling her niece and nephew, and singing karaoke.

Author Photo Credit: Madison Hurley Photography in Hot Springs, AR

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