August 8, 2021

ARC REVIEW: Dream of Destiny by Anita Caelestis


Dream of Destiny by Anita Caelestis
Rating: 4 Stars
Release Date: August 8, 2021
Format: eARC

“We could try a battle of wits, sadly I refuse to battle with two unarmed beasts.”

Dream of Destiny by Anita Caelestis reminded me why I fell in love with the Hades and Persephone myth in the first place. 

This love story is a paranormal romance, set in a contemporary setting (as opposed to ancient times). The Old Gods are walking the Earth, and Anastacia has caught the attention of the dark and broody Hades (in the guise of Haiden). 

There's a lot I can't talk about without risking spoilers, but I can comment on the two main characters: Hades/Haiden and Anastacia/Persephone. To me, Hades has always been a possessive character in every version of his story. He also has more of a tendency to hide his power and not showboat like his brothers Zeus and Poseidon do. On the other side of this relationship, there’s Persephone who is the “goddess of spring” and anything but a delicate little flower. You get glimpses of the dark and powerful Underworld queen that Persephone has the potential to be in Dream of Destiny, and I am all here for it. Demeter really needs to stop getting in the way of Hades and Persephone's relationship.

If you are a fan of steamy romance and Greek mythology, add this to your TBR pile now. Anita Caelestis’ debut Dream of Destiny was an amazing debut, and I’m eager for more from this new author. 

Thank you to the author and Midnight Readers Book Promotion (formerly known as Zsuzsanna’s Reading Corner) for allowing me to read an early copy of this book at no cost to myself. 

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