September 9, 2023

REVIEW To Ravish a Rogue (Dangerous Tides) by CM Nacosta

To Ravish a Rogue (Dangerous Tides) by CM Nacosta
Rating: 5 Stars
Format: eBook (Kickstarter)
Publisher: Bonkers Romance 

Out of all the books in the Peculiar Tastes Kickstarter or the Dangerous Tides Kickstarter, CM Nacosta’s To Ravish a Rogue has been my favorite so far. With some of the most unique supernatural creatures from mythology and lore being included, I absolutely had to finish it in one sitting. 

Lady Charlotte Davenport is willing to do whatever it takes to get home and get to her sister. She could care less that having a woman onboard a ship is usually considered a bad omen, but no captain she approaches (directly or covertly) is willing to take the risk. Her last chance is to pretend to be a serving boy and sneak onto Captain Lin Jurel’s ship, The Malediction. However, the ruse is not as simple to maintain as she might think, given that the captain sees through it immediately and starts messing with her to get her to reveal herself. A hilarious high seas adventure ensues as the two clash, and inevitably give into their feelings. And once they did, boy was it entertaining and worth the wait.  

To Ravish a Rogue shares a world and some side characters with the other books in the Dangerous Tides Kickstarter. There are some Easter eggs present that reference other books. I loved the paranormal aspect of Charlotte and Lin’s characters, and while I don’t want to spoil anything I must say I was super shocked with the reveal of what they are. I’ve never seen Charlotte’s species appear in a romance book before, but the author did a fantastic job with it. I was most certainly not expecting one of the biggest things that happened in their bedroom interactions that involved Charlotte’s ‘downstairs teeth’ (do with that reference what you will) and a prized part of the captain’s anatomy, but it made for one of the most memorable moments of the book. 

Overall, To Ravish a Rogue by CM Nacosta was an incredibly unique, entertaining, and enjoyable read. Now that I’ve been introduced to their writing, I will definitely be going back and checking out their backlist of other monster/paranormal romance titles as soon as possible. If you enjoy mature paranormal romance reads, this would be a great choice. I also think readers who enjoy series that share worldbuilding but are designed to be able to be read as standalone novels should give this book a look-see. 

CONTENT WARNINGS (Courtesy of the Author): Sex work, sex bargain, female main character’s (FMC) reliance on gender binary, light gore and violence, soft vore, somnophilia, non-human anatomy, It’s a good thing he has two of them, and SO MANY teeth.

About the Book
Charlotte Davenport is a woman on a singular mission: get onto a ship bound for Atlantis by any means necessary, and get home to her sister. When she joins the crew of the Malediction, she has no idea she's made herself an unwitting captive of its pirate captain. Lirian Jurel is cocky and secretive and infuriatingly handsome, and she can't shake the feeling that he's laughing at her . . . but Charlotte has a secret of her own, and she'll do anything to keep it. After all, who could possibly understand the life of a monster?

Captain Lirian Jurel has only one thing on his mind — the next adventure. Fucking, feasting, and fighting — it's a pirate's life for him, and he loves the watery path he's chosen. He's never been able to stay away from danger, and Charlotte Davenport — the impudent little witch disguising herself as a member of his crew — seems like the most dangerous creature he's ever encountered.

Striking a bargain to bring her home is an easy trade for having her warm in his bed . . . But bringing her home means saying goodbye, which is harder than he anticipated.

When you're a vicious sea monster like him, being alone is the wisest course of action, but once they reach Atlantis, Lirian vows to help Charlotte see her journey through — wherever it leads.

About the Author

C.M. Nascosta is an author and professional procrastinator from Cleveland, Ohio. As a child, she thought that living on Lake Erie meant one was eerie by nature, and her corresponding love of all things strange and unusual started young. She’s always preferred beasts to boys, the macabre to the milquetoast, the unknown darkness in the shadows to the Chad next door. She lives in a crumbling old Victorian with a scaredy-cat dachshund, where she writes nontraditional romances featuring beastly boys with equal parts heart and heat, and is waiting for the Hallmark Channel to get with the program and start a paranormal lovers series.

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