September 25, 2023

REVIEW The Brimstone Deception (SPI Files #3) by Lisa Shearin

The Brimstone Deception (SPI Files #3) by Lisa Shearin
Rating: 4 Stars
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Format: Audiobook (Audible)
Publisher: Ace 

The SPI Files series by Lisa Shearin have historically been some of my favorite urban fantasy books, and my most recent re-read of the third book, The Brimstone Deception, was just as good as I remember. Makenna Fraser’s adventures are always a good time, and this time instead of facing creatures from myth and legend her adversaries are coming straight from hell itself. 

Picking up about a day after the events of The Dragon Conspiracy, Makenna and the rest of the agents at SPI have just saved the world from the threat of the infamous Dragon Eggs. There’s no rest for the heroes though, as they go straight into another case with a new street drug that's been dropping people left and right. Instead of a good time like some of the more earthly drugs offer, this one has the unique side effect of allowing people to see past the glamours of the supernatural (and promptly wiping their memory later). 

For those who have read Ms. Shearin’s other books, you’ll be pleased to know that this book confirms that her SPI Files books and her Raine Benares books exist in the same universe. In terms of worldbuilding, these two series are top notch. Ms. Shearin includes multiple different beings and happenings inspired by myth and legend in this book and others - I think the pixie messengers in particular were my favorite. Fingers crossed for an eventual crossover with the two in the future (I would love to see Makenna and Raine interact, even if it was just for a short story’s worth of time).  

The SPI Files books continue to be one of my favorite urban fantasy series of all time, and The Brimstone Deception was yet another entertaining and amazing book from Ms. Shearin. For audiobook lovers out there, Johanna Parker once again did an excellent job bringing Makenna’s perspective and shenanigans to life with her performance in the audiobook narration. I’m excited to get to my re-read of the next book in the series, The Ghoul Vendetta, and get to revisit more of Makenna and Ian’s adventures as soon as possible. 

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