February 22, 2023

Guest Post by Karina McRoberts, author of The Ladies of Karma


About the Book

Ever felt like getting some of your own back?

Four women seek empowerment as they face homelessness and hardship in a hostile climate.

Living in an abandoned building, their combined ingenuity turns it into something very special indeed.  But greedy developers threaten their beloved Tarot CafĂ©, and it’s time to get tough. 

Kick-ass, feisty, smart, and determined, they try everything from boxing to elaborate spell casting learned from their respective ancestors. The ladies join forces with their knight protector, in the form of a cake-loving homeboy, along with a dog-whispering fire-fighter to thwart their enemy     ̶     who turns out to be more vicious than they ever imagined.

Will he destroy their last hope, or will he succumb to their macabre spells and devious machinations?

Strike a chord for social justice and enjoy plenty of laughs along the way as you team up with the relentless Ladies of Karma! 

A Note From the Author 

Why I Wrote It

This story is about how a group of women take on injustice.

Every day I see myriad injustices all around me.  The problem of homelessness stood out this time.  And the absolute necessity of thinking for oneself instead of following doctrine provided by others.  

The ongoing ill-treatment of women who report sexual harassment in any form suggests to me that women need to find justice in other ways.  It’s deplorable but true.  After all, the over-whelming majority of violent acts (think mass shooters and rapists/murderers) are perpetrated by men, and it’s just getting worse.

Well, of course, it’s a sad story.  And I spell that out.  But, like many of my other books, I focus on hope and empowerment.  I put some good men into this story.  There’s plenty of human warmth.  And also, humor.  Humor lightens the load.  We sure need that!

My own personal story is reflected in the opening chapter.  I really did that!  OMG!  Well, sometimes, you just gotta to fight back.

A lot of the happenings in this book are real.  I think this story will give others hope and also provide entertainment in dark times.

I hope you enjoy The Ladies of Karma.  Presently I’m working on my next book – a suspense/thriller, with more than a touch of gothic undertones. 

Next Up

My dog and I have recently been battling one hell of an infection she’d picked up.  As I am a scientist by trade, I returned to my roots to solve this.  Glad to say we finally beat that sucker!  It was a tough one.  So, friend of magical dog and scientist.

Now maybe you could add the adjective mad - a focus of my upcoming novel will be the deleterious effects of various drugs and microorganisms.  

Think about this – take COVID for instance.  A virus.  Technically, it’s not even alive.  It certainly has no brain  ̶  but it’s diabolically clever.  

 That’s all I’ll say at present. Stay tuned for exciting gothic suspense , headlined by a fascinating female protagonist.

About Karina McRoberts

I love to create, and my hope is that everything I create brings joy to others.  I am truly fortunate to live in a magical place that inspires and enlightens me; part of my work is to make sure I return the favour.  Do we not truly need joy, inspiration and enlightenment; now more than ever?

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