April 19, 2022

Interview with Patrick S. Barnes, author of Nightcrawlers

 Interview with Patrick Barnes, author of Nightcrawlers

Hi friends! I am so excited to welcome Patrick S. Barnes to my blog today! His debut novel, Nightcrawlers, came out on March 11, 2022. I wanted to take this opportunity to interview the author and get to know them a bit more. Make sure to add the book to your TBR today (it's available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited members). 

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, Patrick!

Q&A with the Author

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Fighter pilot or archeologist. Strange, I know.

What do you hope readers will take away from Nightcrawlers?

I just want to grab readers and take them on a wild ride where they get into the characters and the story and absolutely can’t put it down. Then maybe when they are walking at night sometime, they think of my story and perhaps walk home a little faster. I am evil like that. 😊

What was the hardest scene to write in Nightcrawlers?

The chapter “No Free Rides”. Whew! Oh man. 

What came first for you when writing the book - the plot or the characters?

The plot. I walk/run with a big heavy rucksack at night for exercise. I am nutty like that. The idea for NIGHTCRAWLERS came to me on a walk. Talk about scaring yourself! LOL.

What is your favorite under-appreciated novel?

Armor by John Steakley (RIP). Hands down.

What tips do you have for any aspiring authors out there?

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. 

If readers love your book, what other books do you recommend they check out?

I have many short stories and several novels in the works including a three-book series. The next short story should be out in few months. I would be truly honored if readers would go to my website www.SciFiSherpa.com and join my newsletter list. I will only send out updates when there is something to read.

Aside from writing, what is one thing you do for fun?

I play adult ice hockey every week. Twelve months a year. Right Wing.  

Can you tell readers something about what you're working on next?

Hmmm. My next release will be a sci-fi short story called “MOD POSTURE”.  It’s a future story about DNA, cybernetics and humanity.  

Where can readers purchase your book?

Amazon:    https://www.amazon.com/Patrick-Barnes/e/B09VFG6GJL/

Check out an excerpt from the book!

Hours later Caroline, Josh and Mike opened the water bottle and retrieved the note sealed in a plastic bag. They all stared silently looking at the message. After months of searching and over 100,000 lost souls they had an answer to the question. Not the only question, but one that scientists, governments, religions and families all wanted and needed to know. Who were the Nightcrawlers?

The answer arrived for three members of the Resistance on a farm in West Virginia. 

The carefully folded note had only six words on it. The words were made using store bought letter stencils glued to a single sheet of white paper. The sentence spoke volumes to what was happening, but also brought more questions.

Mike looked at the note and ground his teeth, quietly and mad. He turned on his heel and walked out of the barn. 

Josh stared at the note and thought what this meant to The Resistance. The note did not solve or fix what was going on. In fact, it made things even harder. Taking a last look at the note, he felt very tired and also left.

Carolyn, now alone in the barn, looked at the note with tears in her eyes.

About the Book

People everywhere are being taken off the streets at night by 9-foot-tall monsters who disappear in the blink of an eye. Are they demons, aliens or the creation of some sinister madman?

They have taken over 200,000 humans. The huge, gruesome creatures only materialize at night. They appear suddenly in the dark, snatch the victim and disappear in a flash of blackness. The entire world hides inside at night, too afraid to go outside. Governments are powerless and they claim to know nothing.

Will heroes rise to fight back against this darkness?

NIGHTCRAWLERS is a dark and powerful science fiction book of personal loss and unimaginable terror. If you like nightmare fuel, impossible odds, everyday heroes and unpredictable endings then you will devour this book in one sitting.

Buy NIGHTCRAWLERS today and leave the lights on. We’ll see you on the other side.

About the Author

Patrick S. Barnes lives in Annapolis, Maryland. When he is not working in his “top secret” 😊 science fiction day job, he’s playing right wing on his ice hockey team, riding his bicycle and watching and reading tons of science fiction. He lives with his wife and a roaming band of feral cats.

Amazon:    https://www.amazon.com/Patrick-Barnes/e/B09VFG6GJL/

Website:    www.SciFiSherpa.com

Twitter:    @SciFiSherpa

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