February 2, 2022

ARC REVIEW: The Binding Tempest (The Luminance Saga Book 1) by Steven Rudy

The Binding Tempest (The Luminance Saga Book 1) by Steven Rudy
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Release Date: June 1, 2021
Format: eARC (From Author and Rockstar Book Tours)
Publisher: Mystic Hawk Press LLC

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Steven Rudy’s The Binding Tempest is an engaging blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and steampunk themes. Even before you start reading, it's obvious that the author put a lot of care and attention into the creation of this book. The maps are intricate and detailed. The cover is beautiful (this is a big part of why I picked up the series in the first place). The worldbuilding is innovative and unique, borrowing some of the best parts from each of the genres it mixes. There were a couple of minor issues here and there, but overall The Binding Tempest was a fun and entertaining read. As a bonus, at the time of writing this review, The Binding Tempest was available to Kindle Unlimited members to read for free. 

The beginning of the book does take a bit to pick up steam, but it's worth pushing through. In my opinion, the author had to set the stage and the stakes before the real action could begin. While I completely understand this, there were moments where the movement of the story seemed to suffer in the name of worldbuilding. Despite these small hiccups, the worldbuilding was well worth it. Mr. Rudy’s descriptions are vivid and detailed, and I had no issues envisioning the picture that the author was painting for readers. 

One thing I found curious about the book was the age of the characters. In many books aimed at young adults, the characters are of similar age as the intended audience. The cast of characters in The Binding Tempest spans a wide age range, making this a strong choice for those who looking for a book that's not focused on your stereotypical “teenager” storylines. The interactions between the older group and the younger group helped endear the characters to me and make me invested in their story. My favorite character, out of everyone, was Ellaria. 

Overall, a very strong debut novel. I would recommend this book to steampunk fans, and those who enjoyed franchises like Wheel of Time or Indiana Jones. If you love books heavy on worldbuilding (like me), then The Luminance Saga is a great choice. I’m excited to read the sequel, Shadow Bound Souls (which comes out in February 2022), and see how the story progresses. 

Thank you to the author, Mystic Hawk Press, and Jaime at Rockstar Book Tours for providing me with a complimentary review copy of the book as part of my participation in the blog tour for the sequel Shadow Bound Souls. I appreciate the opportunity immensely! Please note - I voluntarily read and reviewed The Binding Tempest. All opinions expressed in the review are my own and not influenced in any way.

About Steven Rudy:

After attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, where Steven studied architecture, philosophy and writing. He has worked in the field of architecture for 20 years designing houses, commercial buildings and working on historic preservation projects across Colorado. He is passionate about sci-fi, fantasy, the Denver Broncos, architecture, and Bob Dylan. The Binding Tempest was Steven’s first novel and he’s thrilled to bring book 2, Shadow Bound Souls into the world.

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