November 25, 2021

Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants by Caleb J. Boyer

Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants by Caleb J. Boyer
Rating: 3 Stars
Release Date: December 20, 2017
Format: eBook (Kindle Unlimited)
Publisher: Lasting Press

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Are you a fan of stories full of adventure and mystery? A read where you can enjoy the story without being accosted by typos or grammatical errors? If so, congratulations, this story was written for you! Are you a die-hard fan of stories filled with romance and adult themes? Unfortunately, if that’s your cup of tea then you should look elsewhere for your next read because Island Games has neither.

Island Games is the debut novel for young author Caleb J. Boyer. Readers follow our main characters, Matthew and Ryan, as they wake up on a mysterious, deserted island. They have no memories of their past and no clue how they got to the island. Our young protagonists have to quickly learn to work together as they struggle to find food, water, and shelter. Boyer takes us on a journey with the protagonists as they attempt to discover the secrets of the island. Two kids stuck on an island with no adults, what could go wrong? 

Fans of franchises like Lost, Maze Runner, or The Hunger Games will enjoy this story. It is nice to see how this book offered teachable moments in how one should approach challenges in life. One of the things that stuck out to me in Maze Runner and The Hunger Games was the emphasis on the sibling-like bonds. For example, the love between sisters Katniss and Prim is the spark that sets off the events of the series.  The relationship between Thomas and the Gladers of the Maze Runner series keeps them strong when everything that could go wrong does go wrong. Similarly, the bond that forms between Matthew and Ryan as they face challenge after challenge on the island is a definite high point of the story. The differences between the two boys allow them to work well as a team, and it’s fun to watch them progress. 

The author's age shocked me. What talent to be able to create such an interesting book so young! His designation as an international bestselling author is obviously well-deserved.  It was nice to see Boyer’s obvious talent put into a well-written age-appropriate book. I would have been more apprehensive going into the book if it were a romance book or something far beyond his years in content. I looked for errors or things to critique, but I couldn’t find anything. 

This book is listed as a young adult novel but in my opinion, it’s a good choice for readers of any age.  The moral it offers to readers about the importance of teamwork and friendship is one that any generation should be able to appreciate. Amazing debut novel for Boyer, I look forward to reading his future releases and watching his writing ability grow as he matures. 

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