November 21, 2021

ARC REVIEW: Curse of the Furies (Furious Legacy Book 1) by Meadoe Hora


Curse of the Furies (Furious Legacy Book 1) by Meadoe Hora 
Rating: 4 Stars
Release Date: August 31, 2021
Format: eARC

As soon as I read the blurb, I got super excited about this book! Greek mythology? Furies? A young hero who wants no part of their divine parent’s powers? It all sounds like a recipe for an excellent read to me, and I’m happy to report that I was not disappointed. 

Erin is the daughter of the Fury Alecto, and after her mother’s banishment to the Underworld, she is raised by her aunts Tisiphone (Tis) and Megara (Meg). They have been training her for years to take over her mother’s role, but Erin has no interest in punishing the crimes of mortals. Instead, she wants to use her abilities to heal and become a veterinarian. When she gets her “starter case” (a mortal with a minor crime for her to punish), things snowball and start happening very fast. Will Erin be able to embrace the powers she inherited from her mother and save the day, or will the brewing war prove too much to stop?

Furies forced into a maternal role was such an interesting twist on the original mythology. They were usually portrayed as very unfeeling, single-minded characters. I agreed with Erin in the book when she noted that her aunts (and her mother by extension) are ruthless, but not they are not cruel. The dynamic of having her aunts take care of her instead of her mother was unique; I felt that aspect gave the story a Practical Magic or Sabrina the Teenage Witch vibe. Maternal instincts are not as obvious when you aren’t the parent of a child, so Tis and Meg definitely had to put in some work to be able to successfully raise their niece. On a slightly different note, the visual of having Tisiphone storm onto a playground and threaten a bunch of children after they were cruel to her niece was quite amusing. I loved how she always had her niece’s back, no matter what. I also found it interesting how the author portrayed the difference between “Aunt Tis” and “the fury Tisiphone”. Tisiphone seemed to lock down her positive emotions a bit more when she was dealing with a case, and fulfilling her duties as a Fury. She never stopped caring about Erin though. 

I would recommend Curse of the Furies to fans of books like Percy Jackson or Shadowhunters. It is at more of a young adult level than Percy Jackson, and it includes more drama than humor (most likely due to the main figures of the Furies not being known for their humor). The book is set in a modern world, and Ms. Hora does an excellent job explaining all the characters from Greek Mythology (so you don’t need prior knowledge to be able to follow along). Overall, a fantastic read so I will definitely be checking out the sequel (Dungeon of Hades) when it comes out in late 2021. 

Thank you to the author and Book Sirens for my gifted copy of this book; I appreciate the opportunity to read and review Curse of the Furies immensely. All opinions expressed in the review are my own and not influenced in any way. 

About the Author

Meadoe Hora is the author of books for teens and kids, including the new Furious Legacy series, Ariadne's Crown, and the Superhero Kick team children's book series. She is a middle-of-the-night reader and lover of beautiful words.

Her website is She also writes about her health and fitness journey on her blog at She lives in WI with her family, a spoiled basset hound, and a crazy black lab.

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