September 15, 2021

Bite Me (Shadow Guild - Vampire Bride Book 1) by Linsey Hall

Bite Me (Shadow Guild - Vampire Bride Book 1) by Linsey Hall
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Release Date: July 26, 2021
Format: eBook (Kindle Unlimited)
Publisher: Bonnie Doon Press 

It’s exciting to see each of the main characters from the original Shadow Guild books get their own stories, while also getting to see sneak peeks of the other’s happily ever after stories. Bite Me is Mac’s story. She’s a seer who spends her days working in the Haunted Hound, the pub which serves as the entrance to Guild City in magical London. Mac is also a member of the guild for misfits and outcasts, the Shadow Guild. Her life gets thrown for a loop when the first vampire in history (Drakon) walks into the pub, claiming that she tried to kill him five years ago (she doesn’t recognize him at ALL) and he’s come to return the favor (after getting her help of course). 

There are a lot of noticeable similarities between each individual Shadow Guild series, but I like how each pairing and story are unique. For example, the whole “vampire bride” situation is similar to “fated mates” but seems a lot fancier. Grey (the Devil of Darkvale) and Drakon (the first vampire ever) have some similarities due to both being vampires but have very different ways they interact with their mates (Carrow and Mac respectively). 

The familiars have always been a highlight of the Shadow Guild books, and I LOVED seeing Genevieve the badger make an appearance in this book as Mac’s new familiar. Cordelia, Ralph, and now Genevieve have so much personality it practically comes out of the page. I think Ralph is still my favorite familiar though. The friendships between the members of the Shadow Guild are also really heartwarming to see. They are the smallest guild, and they don’t really have a ton of sway in Guild City as a result but they ALWAYS have each other’s backs. Ragtag teams of unlikely heroes for the win! 

Linsey Hall produces books super fast so I’m never left waiting too long for the next installment. I can’t wait to see what else she will explore in the Shadow Guild universe, and what’s next in Mac’s and Drakon’s story. I have a LOT of questions about Mac’s back story, and why she lost her memories so I’m hoping that the author will answer that in upcoming books. If you like fast-paced, fun paranormal romance books with strong female leads then I would definitely recommend Bite Me (and the other Shadow Guild books).

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