July 11, 2021

Kevin Martinez and the Crimson Knights: Rise of the Whiteface Order by M.A. Torres

Kevin Martinez and the Crimson Knights: Rise of the Whiteface Order by M.A. Torres
Rating: 3.5/5 STARS
Release Date: December 18, 2020
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Black Spire Books

How complex this world of ours…a world where villains don’t realize the role they’re playing.” – Rise of the Whiteface Order by M.A. Torres, pg. 68

I just finished reading Book 2 in the Kevin Martinez and the Crimson Knights series, Rise of the Whiteface Order by M.A. Torres. I recommend this book to older middle-grade and young adult readers who love the fantasy genre. To understand the events of Rise of the Whiteface Order, you need to read the first book (A Game of Mirrors) otherwise, you will be completely lost.

THINGS I ENJOYED: I loved the Chronicles of Narnia vibe that I got from the story. The Pevensie siblings had to travel through a magic wardrobe to get to Narnia. Kevin and his friends make use of a magic mirror to travel to the world of Derathiel. Like the Pevensies, Kevin and his friends must learn how to fight quickly and go on quests to stop the fighting and save Derathiel. If you enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia series, then there is a good chance that you will enjoy Kevin Martinez and the Crimson Knights. I also enjoyed how you have the secondary storyline of Shade trying to find the correct Kevin in Wakefield Falls (since all he has is a first name and a location). I wasn’t expecting to see a “villain” apologize for getting something wrong, so that was an interesting set of moments.

THINGS THAT I DIDN’T LIKE: I wanted more of the boys to find their fated weapons. Jake has Tombstone and Kevin has Flameclaw, but the other three weapons (Lightning, Whiplash, and Diamondpeak) still need to find homes. The author hinted at who the weapons will ultimately end up with, but I guess we will have to wait till Book 3 for them to be claimed. I also thought some of the names in the book for side characters were kind of cheesy (Brett the Hairless, Ivan Axeman, Redek Longstache, Agent Law) but it might just be because I’m an older reader than the intended audience. It might not bother a middle-grade-aged reader as much.

Per the author, more information about the next book should be released sometime this year. Looking forward to the announcement – thank you to the author for allowing me to join the Kevin Martinez and the Crimson Knights ARC review team! 

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